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Caregiver Stories

Hear From Caregivers

Pat’s Story

“My husband was chronically ill with BiPolar 2 depression. After a particularly rough period, a friend told me about Makers of Care and encouraged me to visit the meetings. I had just completed a 6-week of group therapy sessions. I promised myself that I would never...

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Kim’s Story

I was the caregiver of my sister. While I handled the challenges that came with her Down Syndrome, diabetes, kidney failure, etc., it was the dementia that was most difficult. Her decline was rapid, and I found myself feeling alone, without hope.  Makers of Care’s...

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Traci’s Story

"I would recommend Makers of Care to anyone looking for help in caring for a loved one with memory loss. Susan has a multitude of personal experiences to draw upon, and she truly cares about helping families affected by Dementia and Alzheimer’s. I have enjoyed their...

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Jen’s Story

"As a Mother and caregiver of a special needs daughter for over 20 years, I felt confident that I had mastered the art of caring for her. Sadly, I realized I had done this at the expense of properly caring for myself. It became even more evident when abruptly our...

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Deborah’s Story

"Makers of Care was a great source of emotional and practical support during a recent family crisis with my 91-year-old mom. We are thankful for the invaluable and professional advice during this difficult time."

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Linda’s Story

"Makers of Care has been a lifeline for me! I placed my husband in memory care 2 years ago and while he’s doing ok, I was not. Our weekly sessions have been a safe place for me to process out loud and regain the confidence I lost during the years I cared for my...

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