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Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. matthew 11:28

Does being the caregiver sometimes feel like a life sentence?

There is the never-ending cycle of serving another person’s needs, the constant on-demand pressures, and the exhaustion that seems to settle deep into your bones.

I get it.

Hello, my name is Susan Wahlers, and I’m the founder of Makers of Care.

At the age of 55, my husband was diagnosed with Early Onset/Younger Alzheimer’s and it threw our lives into disarray. As we struggled to adjust to the ever-increasing impact of the disease, our friends and contacts quickly faded into the background. Caregiving became completely consuming. I wrestled with loneliness, discouragement, and exhaustion as I struggled to navigate the complexities of everyday life. Feeling alone and without support, I assumed things would stay this way forever.

What about you?

Maybe you feel hopeless or ashamed that you can’t seem to figure out a way to balance it all and thrive in this season. I’ve talked to so many caregivers who feel like they’re barely hanging on. It’s hard to ask for help, let alone articulate what would help. This makes it difficult for our churches, friends, and families to meet and embrace us. We feel abandoned by the very people we thought would most support us. Can you relate?

Everything changed for me when I realized God wanted more for me too.

It wasn’t all at once, but He helped me figure out how to:

embrace both joy and sorrow as companions
navigate the twists and turns of a medical diagnosis
ask people around me for specific help without feeling weird or needy
equip my church to provide life-giving support to my husband and me
recognize that Christ is our true source of endurance & companionship

This picture says it all.

God authored my transformation as I continued to care for my husband. When Dave passed away in 2019, God ignited a fire in my heart to equip caregivers with the support and tools He provided, and to empower churches to effectively come alongside them. I became a Certified Caregiver Consultant and a Grief Recovery Specialist because YOU matter! God has more for you too!

Today, Makers of Care and I are on a mission to ensure every caregiver has what they need to transform their day-to-day reality. You deserve support, belonging, and most of all, hope.

Our coaching sessions and support groups have helped women make this a reality.

Now it’s your turn.


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