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Our mission, challenge & solution

Our Mission

We minister to the Long-Suffering Caregiver who is feeling overwhelmed and all alone. We give care to the Caregivers. Specifically, those individuals who are taking care of an aging parent(s) declining health, or someone with a terminal or chronic illness like Alzheimer’s.


Our Challenge

Giving care to those who are caregiving.

Nursing Home care or skilled nursing is expensive and tears families apart.

Average care for someone with Alzheimer’s is $6000-$8000 a month in Arizona. Most families cannot afford this and are forced to provide 24/7 care to a loved one at home with little to no support or knowledge. All the while, still trying to balance all other life responsibilities. They are thrust into crisis situations without any time to prepare. This causes many to fall into deep despair. They feel all alone, exhausted, and abandoned.

dollars a month in average care costs in arizona

When they reach out for help, how the church responds or doesn’t respond matters.

Churches know if they don’t respond they may be seen as lacking true compassion and concern. Many caregivers and entire families leave a church if their pain isn’t taken seriously.

But what do you do when the needs are so overwhelming and vary for each? Where do you begin? What caregivers truly need is validation for the pain and to know that God still cares for them.

(years) average duration of a caregiver's role

Our Solution

Connect them to Makers of Care.

We become an extension for Pastors who truly care and want to offer a resource that is Gospel-centered. We have been in their shoes and know the struggles. Our passion and calling is to help lift the burden for those believers who are in the trenches of caring for another.

Our 3 C’s Ministry program is built on Compassion, Care and Connection. We validate the pain, offer ongoing encouragement and prayer and connect them to resources and support. We help pinpoint real needs going unmet and communicate this to the church if that is appropriate and always guide them down a path of finding comfort and strength in the Lord.

Compassion for the Caregiver

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