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“Makers of Care poured into me with the love of The Lord. Susan was such an amazing mentor and friend through out the time I cared for my spouse. She was such a great listener and would always find a way to center our conversations toward Christ. She would always end our conversations in prayer and I would always hang up the phone feeling restored. It’s as if someone had given me a life jacket. I could breathe easier with these amazing Godly women walking alongside me.

My husband was a young stroke survivor and he had end stage kidney disease.

I was feeling especially overwhelmed when my daughter turned 5. Susan and her team coordinated and got some party favors together so my daughter could have a beautiful birthday party with friends at school. It meant the world to me that my husband got to be a part of her celebration especially now that he’s in heaven.

Susan was so knowledgeable about end of life care. She was able to share that knowledge with me even when it came to choosing a Hospice for my husband. This knowledge was extremely helpful to me.

Caregiving can feel like such a lonely road sometimes. I am beyond grateful for this ministry. My hope is that more caregivers can know the love and support that is awaiting them through Makers of Care. They truly love caregivers the way that Christ loved the church.”