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Support Groups

Virtual & In-Person

We’re a faith-centered support group that welcomes all Caregivers. 

Our encouragement comes from the Word of God and we offer a Christian worldview. Members are welcome to accept or reject this worldview, but we won’t compromise our message because it provides hope and peace, as well as a solid foundation to stand on during a crisis and difficult season.

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Are you a leader?

We are looking for leaders due to the high-demand for support groups. Leaders must agree with our statement of faith (click here to view it) and have these six characteristics:

  1. Compassionate and an ability to sit with the discomfort of suffering without trying to fix others or their problems. Presence and listening are the two greatest gifts we can give those who are suffering.
  2. Be a past caregiver because we know that trying to lead others while caregiving is too much.
  3. Have 5-6 hours available a month to lead the support group (this includes the 2-hour group time, praying for members, and administrative tasks such as emailing or texting reminders).
  4. Welcoming and loving people from all walks of life and faith backgrounds. Our first priority is to L.O.V.E. others: 
    1. Listening without interrupting
    2. Openhearted without judgment
    3. Validating their reality
    4. Encouraging with biblical truths
  5. Willing to have hard conversations when necessary to protect the group; this includes reeling in overtalkers and those who can’t help but try to fix everything and everyone.
  6. Willing to be a part of a team and make a difference in the lives of caregivers

If you are interested in leading, please click here to fill out a short form and we will contact you.

Full Disclosure: Anything we speak about will be held in strict confidence and not be discussed with another without your consent. We will never minimize the emotions of what you are going through. Our sessions are a safe space. You are free to express in the ways that you find most comfortable. We know how hard this is and we want to just be there to help you along and will allow you the space to be the real you.