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It’s time to be known, connected and supported… as the caregiver.

Makers of Care is a faith-centered, non-profit that exists to encourage and equip Caregivers through faith & community, rekindle human value, and ignite Hope!

We don’t just tell caregivers to take care of themselves, we help them learn how!

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    Amidst the chaos of change, caregivers actively invest their lives to meet needs, often without the critical support they need.

    It’s time to be known, connected, and supported… as the caregiver.

    Number of family caregivers in the US.


    Churchgoers impacted by caregiving.


    Help provided to elderly that comes from family, friends or unpaid caregivers.


    Caregivers that also work full time.


    Caregivers that report get to work late, leave early, or use time off to care for family member.


    Dementia caregivers that also take care of a child.


    Caregivers who say that their health has worsened since becoming one.


    Caregivers who deal with depression or anxiety.


    Caregivers who reported missing medical appointments because of their caregiving.


    Caregivers that get hospitalized due to stress.

    How We Help


    Our faith-based support groups connect caregivers to the resources and people they need to thrive in the midst of challenging circumstances.


    Our Personalized Caregiver Support & Workshops are designed to build “Caregiver Confidence” & guide you towards finding emotional & spiritual resources & support.


    Makers of Care also activates churches to be a part of solving the biggest challenges facing caregivers today: loneliness and exhaustion.

    Hear from Our Caregivers

    “Makers of Care has been a lifeline for me! Our weekly sessions have been a safe place for me to process out loud and regain the confidence I lost during the years I cared for my husband at home.”

    “I would recommend Makers of Care to anyone looking for help in caring for a loved one with memory loss. Susan has a multitude of personal experiences to draw upon, and she truly cares about helping families affected by Dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

    “My hope is that more caregivers can know the love and support that is awaiting them through Makers of Care. They truly love caregivers the way that Christ loved the church.”