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“My husband was chronically ill with BiPolar 2 depression. After a particularly rough period, a friend told me about Makers of Care and encouraged me to visit the meetings. I had just completed a 6-week of group therapy sessions. I promised myself that I would never attend any group therapy sessions again, especially as an introvert who is not comfortable in group settings.

I was ‘guarded’ on my way to the first group meeting, and honestly, as I walked into the room, my fear and reservation fell away. Susan’s gift makes us all feel relaxed and comfortable while supporting each other. 

Sometimes, I was not as patient as I needed to be with my husband. Filled by deep regret, I felt guilty about how I reacted. I learned at the first meeting that the guilt I felt was actually GRIEF at the situation and the sadness my husband was experiencing. That was so incredibly helpful for me.

Susan encourages and supports so many Caregivers who feel so isolated and blessed to have been a part of the group.